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Time Crime

Cracking a tough case is difficult enough when time is running in just one direction. In H. Beam Piper's Time Crime, detectives have to pursue criminals into the past, future, and other possible prese

ISBN10 : 1775455475 , ISBN13 : 9781775455479

Page Number : 129

Police Operation

Part of H. Beam Piper's much-lauded Paratime series, "Police Operation" takes place in the distant future. This story focuses specifically on the Paratime police, an elite organization that is charged

ISBN10 : 1775455394 , ISBN13 : 9781775455394

Page Number : 43

The Edge Of The Knife

Part of this prolific author's popular Terra-Human Future History series, the tale "The Edge of the Knife" takes place just prior to the devastating world war that occurs in 1973, wiping out much of h

ISBN10 : 1775455440 , ISBN13 : 9781775455448

Page Number : 62

Space Viking

They stood together at the parapet, their arms about each other's waists, her head against his cheek. Behind, the broad leaved shrubbery gossiped softly with the wind, and from the lower main terrace

ISBN10 : , ISBN13 :

Page Number : 190

Fuzzy Sapiens

H. Beam Piper's sequel to the science fiction classic Little Fuzzy. The small fuzzy species discovered on the planet Zarathustra has been declared sapient, but now that the Fuzzies are protected by la

ISBN10 : 9781101532720 , ISBN13 : 1101532726

Page Number : 220