Are LED TV Good for Eyes?

Since the evolution of televisions, it is a debate that whether they are suited for human eyes or not. And with the viewing technology enhancements and new inventions in the TV screen panels, the debate is still on that whether the TVs are safe for the human eyes for long usage, or not. The LED TV panels are popular among the buyers due to their less power consumption and vivid color reproduction. However, there is a group of buyers, which still think that the LED TVs are unsafe for prolonged use.

Let’s find out more about this in detail in the article, so that you can decide whether you should buy a new LED TV for your home, or not.


Effect of LED TV on eyes

LEDs like any other television panel, affect the human eyes. Though they have adjustable brightness that can be adjusted according to the lighting conditions in your room, you should avoid watching it with full brightness and high color contrast ratio. This won’t only affect your eyes in the long term, but will also trigger other health issues like the headaches. However, saying the LED TV panels are bad for health won’t be completely true. Comparatively, the LED panels are better than the other technologies like LCD, TFT and others.

Are the LED TVs safe for eyes?

Well, it depends on how long you watch television and what are the lighting conditions in your room where you have installed the television. Along with these two conditions there is one more important factor that you should consider while installing the LED television to ensure your eyes’ safety and that is the distance while watching the TV.

Distance plays an important role to get the best viewing experience and eye’s health. Typically, if you have LED TV less than 32”, the ideal viewing distance you should keep is 5 ft. And for larger TV panels, we will recommend you to watch the television from a distance of 7ft. So, make sure that you have enough space in your room and then chose the ideal LED TV size for your home. This will help you get the best viewing experience without getting adverse effect on your eyes.

Another way to get the better results from the LED TV and safety of your eyes, you should keep the optimum brightness level according to your lighting conditions. Make sure that you don’t have to stress your eyes to watch the television. Set the ideal brightness and contrast level so that your television is great to watch in any lighting conditions.


In all, the LED TVs are safe for human eyes, if you take certain precautions in mind while installing it at home. Choosing the right LED TV and the right place can help you get a better viewing experience without actually affecting your eyes, even after prolonged watching. Try the tips listed above, and the LED TVs will be the ideal and safest way to enjoy your favorite movies and serials.