Are Manual treadmills good for walking?

Treadmills are exercise equipment that can be used by the family members of all age groups. They are the best equipment for a workout without having to step out of your home. You can use it to burn the excess fat and calories by jogging or walking on it regularly. The treadmills are of different types. They are loaded with features that make exercising interesting as well. Basically, you have two types of treadmills. They are the manual treadmills and motorised treadmills. While the market is flooded with motorised treadmills in modern times, you do have certain brands that sell manual treadmills as well. 


Manual Treadmill- What is it?

This refers to the type of treadmill in which the belt is set into action by the movement of your feet. That is, the treadmill starts functioning only when you start jogging or walking on the treadmill. Your feet movement sets the machine’s belt into action. The inertia of the belt offers the resistance that is required for the workout. You have to put in the effort to ensure that you keep moving the belt. The speed with which the belt moves depends on how effectively you walk or jog on the treadmill. The speed is not steady. It can be fast or slow depending on the speed with which you walk or jog.


Advantages of a manual treadmill

Cardio workout– The manual treadmill in India offers scope for an effective cardio workout. This is because there are no motor or mechanical components that can move the treadmill belt. They have to be moved by your physical effort. 

 Costs less– The manual treadmills cost less than a motorised treadmill. This is because they do not have motors. The motor of the treadmill is the component that influences the price of the treadmill in a big way. Therefore, manual treadmills can be accessed for exercising at affordable prices.

No need for power– As mentioned earlier, manual treadmills do not have a motor. Therefore, there is no need for power to run them, as well. Manual treadmills also offer the advantage of using it anywhere in the house as it need not be placed near a power outlet. There is no need for the use of extension cords as well. It can be operated by using muscle power.

Compact- The manual treadmills can be assembled easily. They are compact as there is no speed to accommodate a motor. They are smaller in size when compared to the motorised versions, and they are easy to use and store.


Manual treadmills are an excellent option for walkers. Once you set the treadmill belt to move with the initial effort, you can maintain it that way. This is because you generally, you tend to keep a regular pace when you walk. Also, you can increase or decrease the pace depending on your requirement by increasing or decreasing your effort. Choose manual treadmills for walking to reap the benefits of a cardio workout at affordable prices.