Beginner’s Guide To Buying Your First Guitar

When you have no experience with guitars, choosing your first guitar can be quite stressful. There are several unfamiliar features that you need to think of before you invest in a good guitar. But don’t worry, this article will help you out.

Below are 5 things you need to consider before buying your very first guitar.

Type of guitar

There are 2 types – acoustic and electric guitar. For a beginner who needs to learn the fundamental finger styles, acoustic guitars will help you. You can choose either the classic nylon-stringed or steel-stringed acoustic guitar for beginner to start your musical journey.

Many famous guitarists started learning with an electric guitar because that was their passion. It can offer more variety in looks, sound, and playing styles.

To conclude this, there is no right or wrong type. This decision entirely depends on what genre you want to play.


Shape and style

If you are into a certain colour and shape, search for it. Check the body sizes of the models because the sounds of the guitar are dependant on it. The dreadnought style gives a thick and loud tone, but it quite big. The parlour style guitars have a thin body which is good for practice playing.


You need to think about the amount you are willing to spend in your first guitar. Otherwise, you will be tempted to pay more for extra features that may not be useful for a beginner. You can go for higher-end models once you have mastered the art of guitar playing.

Give the guitar models a try

For a particular price range, the specifications present in all the models will seem similar. For a beginner, don’t focus on the fretboard material, the number of knobs, or the model’s hardware. Thinking of these specs will surely overwhelm you. Rather focus on how the guitar makes you feel. You will only start playing it if you get excited because of it. Otherwise, it will be just lying around your room.


When you want to buy a guitar as a newbie, go for the starter packs. The starter pack has some accessories like strap, cover, amplifier, and cables that come along with the guitar model. Or else you can buy the guitar and the accessories separately.

Picks, an amp, and cable for electric guitars are the basic accessories you should have. Other than these are up to you. You may get additional strings in case of emergency. Another worthy addition is the cleaning fluid for the neck of the guitar. But these are optional and not a must.

The bottom line

A guitar can either be an inspiration or a stumbling block to a beginner. That is why you need to do proper research before investing in one. While you look at the various options in the market, don’t get intimidated. For a beginner level player, a basic type of guitar will do the job. With the above tips, hope your shopping is stress-free.