Seagrass Carpet

Different Patterns And Styles Available In Seagrass Carpet

If you want natural fibers for the floor, then ‘seagrass carpet’ is the best choice for you. There are different choices for the carpets available like sisal, coir, and many more. But people usually choose seagrass as this is durable and it is also inexpensive. A lot of people may not even know this because it is not as famous synthetic fiber carpets. You can use seagrass carpet as it really helps you in making your home look beautiful.

Seagrass Carpet

Seagrass fiber grows mostly in India and China in their paddy fields. All these fields get flooded with the seawater at the time of crop season which will help the seagrass to grow. After some time the seagrass is collected and then sundried. Then it is spun in the various cords with which a lot of manufacturers come up with the seagrass carpet. The natural finish of the seagrass carpet is shiny and smooth so because of this it can be used in different places. But this feature of this carpet makes it dangerous to be used on the stairways. However, it is a versatile, expensive, and durable carpet which is really good addition to your home.

Adding seagrass carpet is really good for your home because of the following reasons:-

  • Environment friendly – the seagrass carpet is naturally cultivated and made. There are very few chemicals that are used in their process. The seagrass comes in different colors and shades naturally so no dye is used in the creation of the seagrass carpet. The carpet which is made u of seagrass will have no trace of dye in it.
  • No noise – one of the best t things which you can get fork this seagrass carpet is that it reduces the noise. This must be the choice of carpet which you are looking for. It absorbs all the noise so that you can sleep soundly and with no disturbance. You will not get disturbed even by a single noise.
  • Durable –   this type of carpet is durable and it can last for many years. Such natural fibers are very less prone to any type of damage even if there is heavy footfall on it. Even the process of how the seagrass is made into the strings from the natural fibers makes the carpet repellent to the substances so you can expect minimum dirt and stains. A lot of carpet manufacturers add the stain guard at the time of production which makes it repellent to the stain and dirt.
  • Striking – With seagrass carpet, you need not worry about the look as it will definitely look good in your home. It will look good as it has a smooth and shiny surface. It comes in a lot of patterns, styles, and designs from which you can choose. It has the traditional weaves which will give you a versatile and classic look.

You can choose a Floorspace seagrass carpet if you want to have different patterns and will give you the amazing look.