Electric vs Manual Meat Grinder: Comparison

Electric vs Manual Meat Grinder: Comparison

Meat grinders are one of the useful appliances available for meat mincing. However, it is always confusing to choose between an electric and annual meat grinder. Owning this tool provides you control to grind the meat in different shapes and sizes. Both the electric and manual grinders are reliable tools for this process.

Also, a manual grinder is suitable for small grinding needs and electric for heavy-duty work. There are many differences between these two tools and let us see what they are.

Electric vs Manual Meat Grinder: Comparison

The use of manual meat grinders

This grinder comes with basic and simple features. They seem to be conventional, but many prefer this grinder for home use. When using a manual meat grinder, you need to use your hands to rotate the grinding knob. This appliance functions without a battery or electricity. This tool is compact but can work very effectively. Also, they are light in weight and portable as well. Attachments are available to cut the meat in different shapes.

The use of electric meat grinders

This appliance runs through electricity and strong motor. The electric meat grinder can cut the meat at different rotation level. There are different models of electric meat grinders with versatile blades. For more efficiency and speed, you can choose an electric meat grinder. Also, they can help in grinding a large quantity of meat within a few minutes.

A comparison between manual and electric meat grinder

  • The design

A manual meat grinder comes with a simple design and easy setup. This tool is not suitable for complicated meat grinding purposes. An electric meat grinder comes with high-end designs and features. You can mince any type of raw meat in large quantities in this tool. There are many designs available in electric grinders than the manual. Also, they come with many parts that enable high grinding performance.

  • The motor

An electric meat grinder comes with a powerful motor to grind any raw meat. Some electric grinders can even grind bones with the meat. Whereas, a manual meat grinder does not have any motor. The speed of rotation matters in this appliance.

  • The portability

With no power and cords, the manual meat grinder is highly portable. You do not have to use this grinder only in the kitchen. You can use this grinder in the backyard, outside or carry it for picnics. On the other hand, you can use the electric meat grinder where there is electricity. This electric cord grinder may not be very portable, but they can be accessed in many places.

  • The maintenance

A manual grinder is easy to clean due to their detachable parts. You can easily wash the grinder in hot water to keep it bacteria-free. An electric meat grinder is difficult to clean because of a fully assembled design.

  • The affordability

The manual meat grinder is available in very economical rates. However, the electric grinder is more expensive. But, investing in a good grinder is a smart idea because it lasts for a long time.


Whether a manual or electric meat grinder, both the appliances are very useful in the kitchen. Based on your purpose, you can choose between electric or manual meat grinders.