Enjoy cooking with induction cooktop

An induction cooktop is a revolutionary discovery in cooking. This excellent technology uses the magnetic current to heat the pan directly. Cooking with the induction cooktop is time-saving, offers control and easy cleaning. Induction cooktops are widely known for their superior class performance and sleek design. So, if you are planning to purchase an induction, then consider these important things.

Why is induction cooking better than gas?

Conventional kitchens solely depend on gas or electric sources of cooking. For several years many have been using these cooktops for cooking. The electric cooktops are easy to clean and operate. The electromagnetic current produced by the glass surface of the induction cuts down the cooking time into half. Also, induction cooking offers several other unique benefits for the user.

The benefits of owning an induction cooktop

  1. Faster preparation

The induction cooktops come with the intelligent heating technology that only heats the vessel and not the surface. Due to precise and even heating all your meals can be prepared within few minutes. When comparing to normal cooking, the induction cooktop cooking saves at least 50% of the meal cooking time.

  1. Consistent result

The temperature controls in the induction cooktop are more precise than gas cooking. This precise control prevents undercooking or overcooking of the food. The heat distribution is even and consistent at every time of use.

  1. Easy maintenance

The induction cooktop contains a sleek and smooth glass surface. Due to even heating, the food items will not spill on the surface. So, this saves your cleaning time and maintaining this appliance an easy task.

  1. Adjustable surface

The induction cooktops contain several rings in the surface. These rings help you to place any size of pans in the surface. The adjustable surface helps you to cook in any pan or vessel you want.

Important Features to consider

  • Safety features

The safety sensor technology contains indicator lights that alert the user if any the pan is left empty on the cooktop. Some of the high-end models come with automatic switch-off technology. This technology automatically switches off the induction in case of overheating. The other important safety features are the automatic safety cut-off technology. This technology makes safety cut-offs in the middle of cooking. All these smart safety features are available in many induction cooktops that prevent potential accidents.

  • The power features

The auto heat up mode is a power feature available in induction cooktops. If a food item needs more heat and power to cook, then this technology automatically increases the heat. The power management features help to distribute heat to two different heating zones equally.

  • Smart features

There are several smart features available in modern induction cooktops. The child lock safety, digital control and pause buttons make cooking with inductions cooktops very convenient.


The induction cooktop is a dedicated technology to enhance the experience of cooking. By considering the above benefits and features of this appliance, you can pick the best induction cooktop for your home.