How To Choose A Side By Side Refrigerator

Side by side refrigerator features two separate compartments, refrigerator compartment and freezer compartment, situated next to each other. Each compartment has its door, and they open independently from one another. This design is unlike traditional refrigerator design having a freezer compartment located either at the top or bottom of the refrigerator compartment. The doors of a side by side refrigerator are narrower as compared to the doors of conventional refrigerators. Side by Side refrigerators are suitable for homes having limited spaces because the doors are narrow, and the freezer does not have pull-out shelves. The sleek design also adds to the aesthetics of the kitchen.

These are some points that need to be considered while choosing a side by side refrigerator.


The capacity of any refrigerator is given in liters. The standard capacity of side by side refrigerators ranges between 500 and 550 liters. However, larger-sized side by side refrigerators having capacities between 700 and 800 liters are also available in the market. The freezers in side by side refrigerators are larger in size and have greater capacities as compared to freezers of conventional refrigerators. The right capacity depends upon the number of members in your family and the number of food items, fruits and vegetables, and other things which you need to store every day in the refrigerator compartment and the freezer compartment.

Freezer size

In a side by side refrigerator, one side is the fridge compartment while the other side is the freezer. Even though opting for a side by side refrigerator itself means that you prefer a bigger freezer than the one offered in a standard refrigerator, it is necessary to know about the right fridge to freezer ratio in terms of size. If your diet is vegetarian, then the recommended fridge to freezer ratio is 80:20, while for non-vegetarians, the ideal ratio is 70:30.

Separate compartments for vegetables and fruits

Side by side refrigerators have more storage space than conventional refrigerators. Hence, they have enough space for separately storing fruits and vegetables. Thus, ensure that there are separate boxes for fruits and vegetables on the side by side refrigerator. Separate storage enables fruits and vegetables to be cooled evenly and to be kept in an orderly manner.

Types of shelves

The shelves in most models of side by side refrigerators are wired. Side by side refrigerators can also have toughened glass shelves, but they cost more. In the case of spill-proof shelves, the cost is even more.

Desirable features

It is beneficial to ensure that the side by side refrigerator is equipped with the following features.

  • Quick cool and quick freeze technology which brings the temperature of the refrigerator down to single digits from the room temperature and even beyond freezing point rapidly.
  • Vents inside both the refrigeration and freezer compartments which circulate cold air evenly throughout the refrigerator unit. This prevents uneven temperatures at various parts of the refrigerator, which enhances the life of the foodstuffs stored in it.

Good energy efficiency which ensures that the refrigerator does not add significantly to the power bills.