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How To Choose The Right Air Fryer

Fried foods are the most loved dish around the world nowadays. Deep-fried fast foods are the main attraction of the modern generation. But with the mouthwatering taste, oil-fried foods also invite obesity, cholesterol, digestive dysfunction, and other serious health issues. To overcome this toxicity of the oil-fried foods, we should take air Fried foods. The foods are fried without oil, and it’s healthier. These air fried foods can be prepared in the home with the help of a modern kitchen tool called Air fryer. An Air Fryer is a device that fries food items without using oil. It is an electronic medium to cook. It’s one of the most loved cooking tools nowadays. So buying an Air Fryer would be a great deal to prepare delicious food at home. Before opting for an Air Fryer in India, one should keep in mind some key factors.

1) Size of the Air Fryer: The size and dimension are the most important factors to consider before buying an Air Fryer. Air Fryers with bigger size and capacity can prepare more food. So as per your need for food to be served, you can opt for a bigger or smaller Air Fryer. The dimension is also considered as the bulkiness is a problem to store the Air Fryer. If you have a smaller kitchen, then you should look for a less bulky product as it would fit in a smaller place.

2) Safety Issues: The Air Fryer is an electronic product. It gets heated up consuming the current. So safety must be the first issue to be considered. When choosing an Air Fryer, one must go through the safety details. An Air Fryer with auto shut off is very convenient as it will protect from overheating. Also, Air Fryers with the cool-touch exterior are advised to be brought. It will not burn hands if touched unwillingly.

3) Temperature: Various Air Fryers in the market have different temperature levels. If one is looking for light cooking, then they should go for Air Fryers with low-temperature level. But if one wants heavy cooking, like chicken or meat, then they should buy an Air Fryer with at least 370* or greater than that.

4) Cleaning: Cleaning is necessary for any product. In the case of kitchen tools, cleaning is the most important part. So before buying an Air Fryer, one should consider whether the product is easy to clean or not.

5) Recipe guidelines: Any cooking can’t be done in an Air Fryer. The Air Fryers are ideal for some recipes. Also, every Air Fryer doesn’t work the same. One should keep in mind of recipes he wants to cook in the Air Fryer. The recipe guidelines are generally given with the product. Go through the guidelines and analyze if it matches your needs.

6) Reviews: Before spending bucks to buy an Air Fryer, the most important step is to go through the reviews. The reviews are the ultimate guide for you to buy the Air Fryer. First, follow all the steps described before, then choose the product. But before purchasing, always consider the Reviews of the product you are willing to buy.