How to keep a mattress from sliding around?

Does your mattress also keep on sliding as you move? A shifting mattress proves to be very troublesome, especially at night time when you are in deep sleep. It is decidedly a ubiquitous problem. There are two approaches. You can either prevent it or fix the problem. Let us look at both the ways one after another.

How to prevent it?

  • Size of the mattress

Always make sure that the dimensions of the mattress should be slightly smaller than the base of the bed. This enables the mattress to fit in properly. This will help to restrict the unwanted movements. If you have an oversized mattress at your home then that is the most obvious cause of dislodging of your mattress from its original position. Try changing the size of your mattress according to the base of the bed. 

  • Old mattress

This is the most frequent reason behind complaints of sliding mattresses. The substance of the mattress starts spreading as it gets old. This creates the void between the interwoven fibers of the mattress. This will lead to the accommodation of dust, grime, lube and bodily secretions as time pass. Also the widening of the fibers results in an overall broadening of the material, this in turn alters the size of the mattress.

  • Bed frame

The bed frame is one of the major contributing factors to the slipperiness of the mattress. Several beds come with raised frame like platform and poster beds. This raised bar like the boundary of the bed ensures the limit of the spread of mattress inside the base only. This does not allow the box spring to spread outside the frame. This proves to be a savior in avoiding the annoying habit of slipping off the mattress.

  • Floor of the bed

Before placing the mattress, make sure that the floor of your bed is free from slipperiness. You can achieve this by thorough cleaning of the bed floor. Also ensure that there is some amount of friction between the mattress and bed floor. If not, then you might need to use a friction producing material sandwiched between the floor and the mattress.

  • Vacuum clean under the mattress

The lower surface of the mattress tends to hold on a lot of dust and grits over time. This makes your bedding move. To prevent this, you can try to vacuum clean your mattress on the lower side more often. If you wish you can clean the top surface too.


How to fix it?

  • Using a non-slip mattress pad

The mattress gripper is an efficient way to prevent sliding and slipping of your mattress.  It is commonly made up of plastic or rubber material which allows it to create friction in whichever surface it is placed. It can easily be trimmed according to the size of your bedding. It has a mesh work pattern of design in it which allows proper ventilation. It is very easy to use and cost-effective. It can also be used in a multipurpose way.

  • Velcro strips/ hook & loop

The new type of hook and loop Velcro strips has both the rough and smooth end inbuilt in a single strip. You just have to cut the strip of the size matching your bedding. Take two strips. Attach one to the mattress and other to the base of the bed. Make sure they are aligned and enfolded to each other, otherwise they won’t stick. 

  • Using a rubber matting

The rubber matting is the best option as it is very affordable as compared to other products. Also, it does not compromise with the non-sliding mechanism. It is available in various sizes. This makes it convenient for you to select the size according to your mattress. You can also select the pattern of the matting to your convenience.

  • A non-slip rug

Wondering how to avoid sliding of your mattress? We have the easiest way for you. A non-slip rug is designed to provide friction amidst the two surfaces. The friction generated between the mattress and the bed floor does not allow the bedding to move from its place. But, this should probably not be your first option. The other products offer more durability.

  • Non-slip mattress encasement

There are various kinds of mattresses available in the market. Some come along with the cover or encasement. In case you have one, and if your mattress is still slippery, then look for a new one which comes with a scraped under surface. 

  • Carpet tape

Carpet tapes are the double-sided tapes that are designed to stick two surfaces. As the name says ‘carpet tape’ it is specially designed for carpets which are comparatively thin and lightweight than mattresses. Thus this should be considered as a last option as their durability is quite questionable in case of mattress.

We hope this was advantageous to you all. Happy shopping!