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Cannabis Alchemy

Cult classic, revised and updated. Alchemist D. Gold reveals the inner world of marijuana and hashish, uncovering secrets and modern techniques to enhance potency. First published in 1974, the origina

ISBN10 : 1579510957 , ISBN13 : 9781579510954

Page Number : 109

The Secret Life Of Bees

After her "stand-in mother," a bold black woman named Rosaleen, insults the three biggest racists in town, Lily Owens joins Rosaleen on a journey to Tiburon, South Carolina, where they are taken in by

ISBN10 : 9780142001745 , ISBN13 : 0142001740

Page Number : 317

The Silicon Web

The technology behind computers, fiber optics, and networks did not originate in the minds of engineers attempting to build an Internet. The Internet is a culmination of intellectual work by thousands

ISBN10 : 9781439803127 , ISBN13 : 1439803129

Page Number : 600

Car Pc Hacks

A car PC or carputer is a car tricked-out with electronics for playing radio, music and DVD movies, connecting to the Internet, navigating and tracking with satellite, taking photos, and any electroni

ISBN10 : 9780596553128 , ISBN13 : 0596553129

Page Number : 386

A Piece Of My Heart

A decade after America pulled out of Vietnam, the seeds of the often heart- wrenching oral history, A Piece of My Heart, were sown when writer and filmmaker Keith Walker met a woman who had been an em

ISBN10 : 0307542351 , ISBN13 : 9780307542359

Page Number : 400

The Human Stain

It is 1998, the year in which America is whipped into a frenzy of prurience by the impeachment of a president, and in a small New England town, an aging classics professor, Coleman Silk, is forced to

ISBN10 : 9780547345031 , ISBN13 : 0547345038

Page Number : 376


In his landmark bestseller The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell redefined how we understand the world around us. Now, in Blink, he revolutionizes the way we understand the world within. Blink is a book

ISBN10 : 9780316005043 , ISBN13 : 0316005045

Page Number : 320

Permutation City

What happens when your digital self overpowers your physical self? A life in Permutation City is unlike any life to which you’re accustomed. You have Eternal Life, the power to live forever. Immorta

ISBN10 : 9781597805391 , ISBN13 : 1597805394

Page Number : 320