How to Use a Belgian Waffle Iron

How to Use a Belgian Waffle Iron

Who does not like having thick, crusty Belgian waffles filled with fluff inside? We all do! But, to fulfill our sweet desire, we could barely take out time from our busy schedule to visit restaurants. Therefore, most of the people prefer having a personal waffle maker at home. It enables you to fulfill your waffle cravings whenever you wish. You will not have to wait for hours and hours for it. The trend of waffle makers is rising every passing day, and many people are not aware of its use. However, everyone wants to own a Belgian waffle iron as it is the most delicious waffle.

Though Belgian waffle iron is quite easy to access and use, some beginners usually panic while using it for the first time. The first and foremost reason for stressing about it is that they do not want to use the iron in the wrong way, as investing money is a serious deal. The second reason is that they want to cook a tasty mouth smacking Belgian waffle instead of disappointing them and their family members with a half-burnt one. Many of you asked about the accurate way of using a Belgian waffle iron.

Let us look at a few tips that will help you to bake a perfect one

How to Use a Belgian Waffle Iron

1. Collect all the ingredients to prepare a batter

People love Belgian waffles due to their distinctive taste that it acquires through a special batter. To make the batter, you should have the following ingredients-

  • Water
  • Flour
  • Sugar and salt
  • Baking powder and soda
  • Egg whites and yolk
  • Butter
  • Canola oil

Mix these ingredients in the desired amount to make a uniform batter.

2. Pre-prepare the iron and empty the batter into it

Prepare the iron by preheating it and lining it with a layer of oil. Pour the batter into the iron in a spiral form from periphery to inside. It will ensure proper baking of the Belgian waffle. Wipe off the extra batter that comes out.

3. Secure the lid and let the waffle bake

Secure the lid with the help of the buckle and let the waffle look. If you have a waffle maker with indicator lights, look for the light to blink. Otherwise, when the steam comes out of the waffle iron, it is the best time to remove it. It will take at least 5 minutes to bake. Be patient and do not peep in between the making process as it can damage the waffle.

4. Pull out the waffle gently & let the iron cool

Pull out the waffle gently using a flat surface spatula and unplug the iron. Avoid using a metal spatula to keep the waffle iron free from scratches. Allow the iron to cool down so that it is ready to be washed.

5. Clean the waffle iron thoroughly for subsequent use

It is a strict warning that the iron should never be immersed in water. Next, never wash it using a scrubber pad as it can damage the iron. Always use a soft towel to wipe the interior as well as exterior. Use a soapy liquid to cleanse the interior unless it gets free from grease.

Everyone is a miserable cook until they know the correct technique. Happy baking fellas!