How to use mosquito repellent patches?

How to Use Mosquito Repellent Patches?

The most annoying and harmful creature in the living world is mosquitoes. Absolutely, Yes! Mosquitoes are considered as foremost in human’s war against insects. Almost everyone might have experienced painful bites by mosquitoes. These blood-sucking creatures also cause various health problems like Malaria, Dengue, Yellow Fever, Chikungunya, etc. Therefore, to control mosquito populations and to get rid of these annoying creatures; we must adopt the possible solutions.

In fact, there are various designs and techniques available in the market. But the worst part is that it’s very harmful to new-born children. So, we need the best solution that ought to be used for infants as well. Wondering what the best solution that gets rid of those harmful mosquito bites is? Well, the mosquito repellent patches do it. Are you interested to know what a mosquito repellent patch really does? Well, we shall discuss here.

How to use mosquito repellent patches?

Steps to use mosquito repellent patches

There are three steps while using mosquito repellent patches such as follows;

Tear off Patches

A mosquito repellent patch is a bandage loaded with an insecticide. Here, the patches are covered, as the chemicals present in it slowly evaporates when kept opened. Once the patch is opened, the chemicals exposed to air vaporizes and forms a protective barrier between the humans and the mosquitoes. They are extremely reliable and forceful to keep the mosquitoes away, thereby providing maximum protection.

Stick on furniture

The patch provides superior adhesive quality of about 3 meters long tape that can be pasted anywhere. Stick the torn patch on furniture such as the corners of the bed, clothes or cots, wherever you wish to stick. These patches are considered very safe of all age groups, including children and infants, to get rid of the mosquitoes. These patches are considered DEET free; that means it does not contain any harmful chemicals. Also, these mosquito patches are too perfect for indoor and outdoor activities. Here, the patches are particularly loaded with some essential oils and herbal extracts like Aloe Vera base, in order to slay mosquitoes. Also, the patches are non-toxic without any pesticide, and thereby, it causes no side effects like skin irritation, allergy, etc. to humans.

Store unused patch

A sealed pouch is provided along with mosquito repellent patch to store unused patches.

This sealed pouch is provided to ensure the preservation of the patches. In general, these patches are effective up to 12 hours that prevent the mosquito from causing malaria, dengue, and chikungunya. These mosquito repellent patches and bands are refilled with a small tablet. These mosquito patches are waterproof. Since they are waterproof, the patches are used for outdoor activities like sports, school, home, etc.

Hope you all understand; the use of mosquito repellent patches. Thus, we conclude that; these mosquito repellent patches are eco-friendly; which can be used by children and adults. Also, one must know the ingredients before using mosquito repellent patch and be safe. Whatever, the product may be, one must always check for the label before using it.