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Informal Logic

Second edition of the introductory guidebook to the basic principles of constructing sound arguments and criticising bad ones. Non-technical in approach, it is based on 186 examples, which Douglas Wal

ISBN10 : 9781139472814 , ISBN13 : 113947281X

Page Number : 366

Informal Logic

This is an introductory guide to the basic principles of constructing good arguments and criticizing bad ones. It is nontechnical in its approach, and is based on 150 key examples, each discussed and

ISBN10 : 9780521379250 , ISBN13 : 0521379253

Page Number : 292

Ad Hominem Arguments

In the media, in the courtroom, and in everyday confrontation, ad hominem (personal attack) arguments are easy to put forward as accusations, difficult to refute, and powerfully effective persuaders.

ISBN10 : 9780817309220 , ISBN13 : 0817309225

Page Number : 315

The New Dialectic

Because developments in informal logic have been based, for the most part, on idealized and abstract models, the tools available for argument analysis are not easily adapted to the needs of everyday a

ISBN10 : 9780802079879 , ISBN13 : 0802079873

Page Number : 304