Intimate Wash Gel Vs Soap

Intimate Wash Gel Vs Soap: Which is Better?

Women nowadays are too much obsessed with skincare and makeup. However, there is something which is far more important than these two things. Can you make a guess? Yes, we are referring to intimate care. We see a lot of beauty products launching day today. But, if we talk of intimate care, very few products are available. You have to be extremely choosy in this matter. It is quite essential to maintain the proper hygiene of your private parts.

 Your body down there acts differently due to the presence of more secretory glands. There could also be bacterial overgrowth down there if the pH becomes non-favorable. Therefore, you require a genuine intimate wash for your vagina. Women are usually confused, whether to use a soap or gel down there.

Let us look at some aspects that will help to clear your confusion

Intimate Wash Gel Vs Soap

  • What is an intimate wash gel?

Intimate wash gels are the mild gels that are designed to rinse and soothe the vaginal region to keep it clean. These gels also have a huge role in maintaining the pH of the vagina. It helps to retain normal vaginal flora to avoid overgrowth of harmful bacteria.

  • What is intimate wash soap?

Intimate wash soaps could be the regular soaps that have multipurpose use or the soaps specially designed for your vaginal care. These soaps are in the form of a bar and help to keep the perineal region sane. While the gels have a liquid consistency, the soaps have a more solid texture.

  • Which of them is better?

There always lies a confusion among 80% of women that which of these products is more effective. Women nowadays are more generally aware of their hygiene. Here are a few points that give strong evidence on which product is better.

  • pH balance: The normal pH of the vagina is acidic ranging from 3.8 to 4.5. Gynecologists generally recommend washing the intimate region with lukewarm water to preserve the normal flora of the vagina. However, everyone can’t cleanse regularly with warm water. Therefore, doctors recommend using a vaginal wash. Vaginal wash gels have a more oily texture and are less scented; this helps to maintain the acidic pH. On the other hand, the soaps are usually scented and harsh on the vaginal area. It causes an imbalance in pH that can lead to undesirable consequences.
  • Bacterial flora: The most common organism found in the vagina is lactobacillus. It is considered as a healthy flora which helps to maintain the vaginal flora. Soaps can disturb the normal vaginal flora and make it more prone to vaginal infections. The wash gels are more helpful to maintain a healthy atmosphere down there.
  • Excessive drying: Soaps and gels can equally cause excessive drying. Moisture is the primary requirement of the vagina to preserve its normal functioning.
  • Itching and skin darkening: Using soaps and gels with mild scent will keep the vagina non-itchy. Using harsh soaps can make the vagina more prone to itching and skin darkening.

Whichever product you are using, do not wash the vagina from inside (douching). It will disrupt the normal vaginal atmosphere. Thank-you!