Mechanism and features of Spin mop

A survey was conducted to analyze the mental health of women. Quite a few women were asked to describe their house. The women who described their house as a clumsy and cluttered space are found to have some complaints like tiredness, stress, and even depression! Women who have a cleaner and organized house are found with better mental health. Yes, mental health is highly related to a clean house.

The spin mop is now trending because of its various features that make the mopping so effortless. Also, Spin mops in India are available in quite an affordable range. They are becoming live savers for Indian moms who have toddlers at home. This article is all about spin mops, the advantages of them over a normal rag, or a string mop.

Let’s understand the mechanism:

  1. Dunk the mop head into the water (compartment that holds the water).

The wringing bucket comes with two compartments. One holds the clean water, and the other is for the wringing process.

  1. Insert the mop into the wringing compartment to wring out the excess water.
  2. Work on the floor from one end of the room to another.

Attractive features:

  1. 1. Microfiber mop head: Microfiber is commonly used in almost all the spin mops in India. Now, this makes a huge difference. Microfiber cloths absorb the spill better than any normal rag or tissues. You may wonder how. Microfiber is made of polyester, which is a kind of plastic.

The strands of the microfiber cloth are split, which makes the surface porous. The porous nature of the cloth provides better absorption.

  1. Adjustable rod: The length of the rod can be adjusted according to your comfort. The light-weighted yet sturdy rod manages to reach even areas under your couch or furniture. Those are the areas that accumulate a lot of dirt.
  2. Wringing bucket:Spin mops come with wringing buckets, which makes it stand out. This helps you to mop the floor without having to touch the mop head with your hands for squeezing.
  3. Trolley bucket:The buckets come with wheels. This allows you to roll them to desired places with ease. Older people find this quite useful as they find it harder to carry the loaded buckets to places.

Advantages of spin mops over rag/ string mops: 

  • The good old process of mopping makes you bend towards the floor often, to reach the water. If you are living in a 3-bedroom apartment or a wide living space, the process can be tiring and time-consuming. Working women may find it hard to spend much time doing household chores.
  • Washing the mop heads is quite comfortable. They can be removed from the rod and can be washed in the washing machine. This is not possible in the case of a string mop.
  • The spin mop does not let you touch the water. People who are sensitive to detergents struggled the most when they had to touch the dirty water or detergent with bare hands.
  • These spin mops do the work without much mess, and the floors get dried quicker because of the efficient wringing process.

Conclusion: Spin mops in India are becoming very popular these days among Indian women. The reason is quite obvious. Wise women wish to spend their valuable time with their family or other important matters. They would like to give enough attention to clean the house and make it a good place to live in. This little device helps them keep the house clean and tidy without taking much effort and time.