OTG vs. Microwave Ovens

OTG vs. Microwave Ovens: A Complete Comparison

When purchasing an oven, you may be confused about whether to choose an OTG oven or microwave oven. Before purchasing any of these appliances, it is important to know about various important factors about it.

Therefore, to help you decide which one to buy, you can read this article that talks about both OTG and traditional microwave ovens.

OTG vs. Microwave Ovens

What is an OTG OVEN?

An oven, toaster, the grill is an advanced smaller version of conventional ovens. With fewer setups, the oven uses heating coils to heat the food. The thermostat technology in the OTG oven helps in the proper cooking of food. An OTG oven is easy to use that comes with convenient control knobs to control the temperature and cook your meal properly.

What is the microwave?

A conventional microwave is more sophisticated to use than the other normal ovens. There are lots of extra features in the traditional microwave apart from boiling and heating food. The best advantage of having a traditional microwave is its quick heating capability. From baking to cooking delicious foods, everything can be done with a conventional microwave.

After knowing about both OTG ovens and traditional microwaves, it is important to know about the differences in these appliances.

Complete comparison of OTG and microwave oven.

  • The heating process of these appliances is completely different as OTG uses electric coils, and the microwave oven uses electromagnetism to cook food particles.
  • The spreading of heat is lesser in OTG ovens. However, in conventional microwaves, the heat quickly and evenly spreads on the oven surface.
  • The heating time taken in an OTG oven is 15 minutes. The microwave ovens due to electromagnetic waves double the heat within 5 minutes. Therefore, it can be said that the microwave oven comes with quick heating technology.
  • When it comes to power usage, the OTG ovens are power efficient and use less electricity. The traditional ovens consume more electric power to provide high heat. If you are more concerned about electricity, then the OTG oven is the best choice.
  • The OTG oven is available with many advanced features, but there is no auto cook feature in the oven. If you need an auto cook feature, then the conventional microwaves support this feature.
  • Both the appliances come in various designs and models. If you are on a budget, then you can choose either of the appliances depending on the model and design. However, the general pricing of the OTG oven is low, and it is available at more flexible rates. The traditional microwave ovens are expensive, but some of the models are available at fair rates.
  • There are several container options in OTG ovens; they are metal, ceramic, silicone, and glass. However, in the microwave ovens, there is no metal container option. Therefore, if you are particularly searching for a metal container, then the OTG ovens are the best choice.
  • The OTG ovens are light in weight, and it is easy to move the oven anywhere you want. The microwave ovens are heavy and harder to shift.

All these above factors will help choose between a microwave oven and an OTG oven.