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The Hammer Of God

A century into the future, technology has solved most of the problems that have plagued our time. However, a new problem is on the horizon—one greater than humanity has ever faced. A massive asteroi

ISBN10 : 0795325541 , ISBN13 : 9780795325540

Page Number : 240

The Hammer Of God

In the twenty-second century the moon has been colonised and the first people are living on Mars. When a meteor is spotted heading for Earth, it seems certain that disaster will strike. Based on a sho

ISBN10 : 9780575056169 , ISBN13 : 0575056169

Page Number : 203

Imperial Earth

In the year 2276, Duncan Makenzie travels from Saturn’s moon, Titan, to Earth as a diplomatic envoy to the United States. As a member of Titan’s ‘First Family’ descended from the moon’s orig

ISBN10 : 0795325576 , ISBN13 : 9780795325571

Page Number : 305

Richter Ten

The only surviving member of his family after the 1994 Los Angeles earthquake, young Lewis Crane devotes his life to seismology and is terrified when he predicts "the big one"

ISBN10 : 9780553573336 , ISBN13 : 0553573330

Page Number : 416


The Firstborn–the mysterious race of aliens who first became known to science fiction fans as the builders of the iconic black monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey–have inhabited legendary master of

ISBN10 : 9780345504487 , ISBN13 : 0345504488

Page Number : 384

Arthur C Clarke

Discusses the science fiction writer's nine most recent novels, including the Odyssey series, within the context of his literary canon, providing both conventional and alternative critical readings.

ISBN10 : 9780313295294 , ISBN13 : 0313295298

Page Number : 205