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Trading Tips: How to Attract More Clients This Upcoming Holiday Season

The Christmas season is definitely the best season for online businesses as there are millions of people who shop online to buy gifts for their friends and loved ones.  The holidays create an atmosphere of gift-shopping, which helps jump start the e-commerce industry in one way or another.  In fact, according to statistics, in the United States alone, it is projected that the consumers will spend at least $123 billion this year.

UK brands need to up the ante this coming holiday season as it’s surely going to be the busiest and most profitable one. The consumers aren’t afraid to spend so it’s the best time to go on overdrive to ensure all the demands are fulfilled.

Trading Tips

If you own a website that targets CFDs leads, drop everything right now and read the tips that we will be providing. We asked our marketing specialists to give their thoughts and insights on how UK brands can improve their revenue this coming season, and here are the things they shared:

Ensure that your site can handle the traffic.The last thing you want your website to experience during the busiest months of the year is for it to crash. If you have a fairly popular brand, expect more people coming in during the holidays. If your site wasn’t having a hard time coping with the normal volume of traffic, it doesn’t mean it can already manage a huge volume.The moment your site crashes, you are already losing thousands of dollars in revenue. Don’t let that happen. Contact your web hosting provider to ensure that your site can handle thousands and even millions of visitors at the same time. If your site has limited bandwidth, now is the time to upgrade it.

Create hype via social media.Use your social media profiles including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to as platforms for announcing your Christmas deals. Let your followers know about your latest offerings this Christmas season. You may drop details about discount codes and other promos that will create hype for your CFDs brand.You can also use your social profiles to connect with your cold audience; introduce your brand to new people. Let them know that you exist to get the attention and interest. And while you’re at it, you must improve your relationship with your current customers, sending a simple holiday greeting will be appreciated by your followers.

Highlight your brand’s shipping policies and return conditions.Shoppers are very specific with the shipping and return policies of the shops they stumble upon online. They want to buy from brands that have comprehensive and clear policies so they will have a peace of mind everything they hit the checkout button.Consumers are specific when it comes to returns because they want assurance that they can exchange or return the item in case they order the wrong product, color, or size. To build a lasting relationship with shoppers, your site should display the shipping and return policies of your brand in the site. It is important that these policies are clear and will not turn off your clients. Let them know all the bits and pieces of the conditions so that they will have confidence in your brand.

Send emails.It’s the season to take your email marketing to a higher notch. Send holiday emails to your customers and keep them in the loop about the latest offerings your brand has. Provide them with discount codes so they will be motivated to buy from your site.Use email marketing to create urgency. Remind your audience that the Christmas is fast approaching and that they need to shop ASAP. Also, highlight the benefit of online shopping versus traditional shopping so they will be more partial to the former.