Where is the best place to put a ceiling fan?

Purchasing a good ceiling fan in India can be an easy task with more number of varieties to choose from. However, many find it difficult to install the ceiling fan in the right place. If not installed properly, the fan may become inefficient. Also, it may not provide proper ventilation to the nukes and corners of the room. Some may purchase a smaller fan that is not suitable for the room. So, you can find the answer here for all the issues related to a fan positioning. Let’s see what the best place to put a ceiling fan is.

Why does the ceiling fan position matter?

During summers, you may need good airflow in the room. In warm climate, the air may carry more humidity, and it can be sticky. You require a good ceiling fan to provide ventilation and make you feel cooler. This is only possible if the ceiling fan is put in the right place. If you want to enjoy the maximum benefit, then positioning matters the most. Let us see the great places to put a ceiling fan.

The fan size plays a major role. The fan size decides the cooling effect. For proper ventilation and air circulation in the room, buy the right size fan. You can measure your room size to purchase a perfectly fitting fan for the room. For compact and small rooms, a 29-inch fan is very suitable. For bigger or medium-sized rooms you can buy a 42-inch fan. Also, the 52-inch fans are mostly purchased for households. For larger rooms, you may require a 56-inch fan. If the fan size is right, then it can provide fresh air in all the directions.

  1. Placing in the opposite wall 

Usually, the cold air remains in the lower surface and hot air in the higher surface. If you require continuous airflow in a particular room, then place a fan in the opposite direction. This position helps to drag cool air and circulate it all across the room. A fan with long blades can provide you with good airflow.

  1. Placing the fan near the window 

Windows can provide fresh and breezy air to the room. But, if the climate is hot, then you would probably get warm and hot air from outside. However, placing a ceiling fan near the windows can help in continuous air circulation. Ensure that the ceiling fan is placed a few inches close to the window. This way, the fan drags the cool air and release the hot air outside. If the fan is placed in an area where there are no windows, then you can only experience hot air circulation all over the area.

  1. The height of the fan 

It is important to consider height when placing a ceiling fan. The fans should be hung 7 or more than 7 feet from the ground. Also, place the fan 18 inches away from the wall. Try to place the fan in the centre of the room. If your room is bigger, then put two ceiling fans in that room.


Ceiling fans are the most useful appliance for providing proper air and ventilation. By placing it correctly, you can enjoy maximum effectiveness of a ceiling fan.