Why Price Action Is The Most Favored Indicator in Forex Trading

Prices in Forex trading repeat themselves. If the price was once rejected in the past, there’s a huge chance that it will also get rejected in the future. Therefore, when you trade Forex, you need to understand that the historical prices have a connection with the current prices. But to have a better understanding of the market prices, it needs thorough and careful checking. Taking a deep dive into the prices from the past will help uncover the complexities of the present behavioral patterns. Therefore, a good trading decision and strategy can be made.

An easy-to-see price chart shows the movement of prices in the market. Though the chart looks simple, it shows very important details without overwhelming our eyes. A price chart showing such information is less noisy and portrays direct actions.


How To Make Money Using Price Action

When a price develops, it can reach a significant level in price by which the market breaks and rejects. These significant levels are very important because they are the support and resistance levels. During these levels, institutions and individual traders become more active.

The first thing you need to do is to identify the said levels on the chart. But it won’t be that hard, don’t worry. With some practice, you can easily spot these significant levels. After spotting the significant levels, you now have to build your strategy for you to align with a huge amount of cash.

Aside from the support and resistance levels, there are also bar formations that can help you in determining the highest success rates. They are called pin bars. It looks like a candle with a long tail but a short body. These candles that appear on charts portray the rejection levels and a possible change of direction.

Price Action is Quick

Technical traders who are capable of utilizing price indicators have an edge against fundamental traders because price action is fast. Though it does not mean that being fast is better, the only thing that technical traders have to worry about is only the prices flashing throughout their screens. Since price action is already fast, less research is required. This price indicator is the best option for those traders who want something that’s less tiring.

Price Action Works In All Trading Platforms

You want to shift from Forex trading to another market. With price action, you don’t have to entirely learn different things and how to read the market because it is all similar, from one market to another. A forex trader reads price action and speaks a similar language as a stock trader. This is really great if you are looking into venturing another direction or expanding your trading career.


The price action indicator remains to be one of the favorite tools of technical traders. When deciding if it is best for you, understanding is pros and cons is important while assessing if using it makes you comfortable. Many traders like to use price action since it is very simple to watch and portrays unknown outcomes and yet different actions can be done throughout.