Compression Socks

Why Should You Wear Compression Socks on Your Next Flight?

Have you ever discovered or experienced swollen ankles twice to your usual size? Traveling in and around the country or even abroad for sight-seeing or business purposes makes your days memorable. You may either spend quality time with your family & friends or even crack massive business deals that shape up your life.

However, the ankle swelling may hurt when you walk to claim your luggage. Also, you may develop blood clots, which aggravates when your travel time increases.

Compression Socks

Reasons to wear compression socks

The compression socks for flights come handy when your foot experiences the following situations.

  • Sitting at one place for the entire day – When you sit for the whole day, your lower leg would not have physical activities that pile up the blood in your legs. When you apply pressure to the veins, the blood flows back to your heart.
  • Stand for a long time – When you stand for a long-time in one position, it affects the efficiency of your system. Hence, physical activities like walking improve the blood flow of your calf muscles back to your veins. Also, when you walk around, your legs wouldn’t get much tired at the end of the day.
  • Exercises – According to the latest research, the compression socks help in reducing the soreness only after you finish your workouts.
  • Travel – Traveling includes sitting for long hours on a flight. While traveling long distances, you can increase the risk of developing vein thrombosis or blood clots. Taking a compression therapy helps in the flowing of blood back to the heart and keeps your legs fresh.
  • Post-surgery – When you undergo foot surgery, your legs become immobile till the inner would heal. In the process, you may also develop painful and dangerous blood clots, post-surgery, which increases if you take bed rest. Hence, the doctors recommend compression socks to prevent clots, thereby improving the blood flow in the legs.
  • Varicose Veins – The varicose veins can occur either during the pregnancy stage or after crossing 40 years of age. As per the scientific study, the compression socks help a great deal and in the upward circulation of blood, which has reduced pain and swelling.
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis – Takes place in the form of a blood clot in a vein either in leg or pelvis. The blood clots are not only painful but also cause serious complications that can go up to the lungs, resulting in pulmonary embolism. With the aid of compression socks, you can get relief from pain as well as prevent DVT.
  • Better track performance – Many athletes put compression socks before the competition. The compression socks improve your speed and prevent injuries while running or participating in athletic events like short-distance running and long-distance running. Compression socks do not harm you during the competition, though the study does not show precise results.


Compression socks do not suit for the patients suffering from severe vascular disease. However, when you don’t wear them, you are prone to develop blood clotting, which is a significant risk.